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MoFlo High Speed Cell Sorter

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MANUFACTURER Beckman Coulter
MODEL Legacy

College of Medicine and Dentistry

AVAILABILITY 10am -4pm by appointment
ORGANISATION University of Birmingham


The Legacy is equipped with three lasers and can detect up to 11 parameters. It is routinely used for high speed sorting with up to 50,000 cells per second, single cell sorting into PCR plates for gene expression analysis or cloning.

Capabilities- 1 Sort 4 selected populations simultaneously 2 Enrich cell populations at rates of up to 80000 cells/sec 3 Puritysorts at rates of up to 30000 cells/sec 4 Sort cells directly into multi-well plates

Under the right conditions purity levels of >99 per cent and recoveries of >95 per cent can be achieved

lasers- 360,488,and 633nm 11 analysis channels- Forward scatter, side scatter, 5 fluorescence channels activated by 488nm laser 2 fluorescence channels activated by 360nm laser 2 fluorescence channels activated by 633nm laser

Suitable fluorophoresinclude FITC, RPE, PE-Cy5, PE-Cy7, PE-Texas Red, Hoechst, APC and APC-Cy7

Last Updated: 24th April, 2013

University of Birmingham

This M5 equipment data is licensed under the UK Open Government Licence.