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Amino Acid Analyser

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MODEL Biochrom 30
ACRONYM AAA (amino acid

Life Health Sciences

TRAINING Training is required to use this item.
ORGANISATION Aston University


Classical amino acid analysis based on ion exchange chromatography with post column derivatization with ninhydrin.This allows both qualitative and quantitative automated analysis of up to 56 amino acids and derivatives, including argininosuccinic acid, alloisoleucine and sulfocysteine within 90 minutes. Physiological system with a lithium column and lithium-based buffers.


Reproducibility Area: Better than 0.5% RSD at 10 nanomoles.

Retention time: Better than 0.1%RSD

Pumps: Two dual piston pumps with integrated pressure transducer and drain valve. Ceramic pump head, sapphire pistons and valves. Electronically controlled piston wash.

Operating Pressures: Buffer pressure: maximum 150 bar

Ninhydrin pressure: maximum 24 bar

Analytical Column: High pressure PEEK column packed with Ultropac 8 cation exchange resin. Peltier heating/cooling system

Sample Injection: 3 injection modes (full loop, partial loop and micro), 84 position autosampler. Sample volumes from 1L to 5000L. 200L loop supplied as standard.

Temperatures: Column temperature variable between 20C and 99C.

Reaction Coil: temperature adjustable between 40C and 145C (135C is optimum).

Software: BioSys v3.0 control software, Biochrom Alias Manager autosampler control software, Latest version of EZChrom Elite Data Handling 21 CFR part 11 compliant

Photometer: Single flow cell with optical beam splitter with detection at 440nm and 570nm

Weight and Dimensions: Bench top Fluidics Cabinet: 50kg/110lbs, 48 x 59 x 57cm /19 x 23 x 22 inches, Autosampler: 21kg/46lbs, 30 x 57.5 x 36cm /12 x 23 x 14in

Required Services: Oxygen free Nitrogen gas (99.99%) or Argon gas regulated to 5 bar. Drainage facility. 240V/100V, 50Hz/60Hz, 300VA mains supply.

Safety Systems: Automatic shut down and reaction coil flushing in the event of: Power failure, Photometer lamp failure, Low ninhydrin, buffer, coil and nitrogen pressures, High coil and column temperatures, high ninhydrin, buffer and coil pressures.

Last Updated: 8th January, 2014

Amino Acid Analyser Aston University

This M5 equipment data is licensed under the UK Open Government Licence.