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Mass spectrometer

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MANUFACTURER Thermo Electron
MODEL Finnigan LXQ

Life Health Sciences

ORGANISATION Aston University


The LXQ is a member of the Finnigan family of mass spectrometer (MS) detectors. The Finnigan LXQ (Figure 1) is an advanced analytical instrument that includes a syringe pump, a divert/inject valve, an MS detector, and the XcaliburR data system. In a typical analysis, a sample can be introduced in any of the following ways: Using the syringe pump (direct infusion) Using the divert/inject valve fitted with a sample loop and LC (flow injection analysis) Using the divert/inject valve and HPLC fitted with a column (LC/MS)

Last Updated: 8th January, 2014

Mass spectrometer Aston University

This M5 equipment data is licensed under the UK Open Government Licence.